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09 Jun 2017
blogger outreach service

10 Tips to Pick a Blogger Outreach Service

When a brand, business or blog makes tremendous ranking gains out of nowhere, it raises eyebrows. There are always SEO changes happening on page and off, but one distinct tactic continues to impact rankings; blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach refers to recruiting influencers through various means. Though the best way to gather a loyal blogger following is undoubtedly blogger outreach services. The better your blogger outreach strategy, the higher quality of influencers you’ll attract.

Having a strong influencer marketing in place can lead to . . .

  • More inbound links from blogs in your niche
  • More mentions on high-authority publications
  • More social shares of the content you publish
  • More brand visibility
  • More email subscribers
  • More invites for features

So how do you know which blogger outreach service is right for you? Here are ten tips to pick the perfect platform!

1. Is the Service in Your Niche?

An essential factor in any blogger outreach campaign is relevancy. The best part of partnering with bloggers in your niche is that they come with an audience already interested in your products and services.

2. Does it Fit With Your Goals?

When it comes to blogger outreach and influencer marketing as a whole, you’ll need to choose a service aligned with your goals. If you’re focusing on Instagram content marketing, is the influencer willing to link to your Instagram from their blog?

blogger outreach service

3. Read Reviews

Not every platform is created equally, and luckily others have likely made your mistakes for you. Always read through online reviews to ensure you don’t pick a service with a subpar reputation.

It also helps to talk to friends within your industry about their experiences. They might tip you off to something like hidden fees that negate other benefits.

4. Ease of Use

When it comes to blogger outreach services, you want a platform that is easy to use. Wasting time with a difficult platform also wastes money. Look for platforms that offer easy searches for influencers based on a variety of categories.

5. What Do They Offer, Exactly?

Getting an idea of what a blogger outreach service does can be tricky. Many platforms are clouded with solutions, but with little on page support.

If you don’t have time to take a 30-minute to an hour call with a marketing rep, it’s best to move on. Many of the highest priced platforms will require you to endure a sales call.

6. Does the Service Offer Stats?

Getting the statistics you need to make a decision on bloggers representing your brand is important. The best services have these stats in place.

Look for services that list an influencer’s total following, how old their accounts are, and other stats. Much like a website’s Domain Authority, this gives you insight on how reputable a blogger is.

7. Is There an Engagement Metric?

Engagement is another vital metric to check when choosing a blogger outreach service. Look for platforms that list metrics that measure the social engagement of blogger’s posts. You’re looking for influencers with high engagement to drive more people to your products and services.

blogger outreach service

8. Is the Service Free?

Not every company has the luxury of seemingly unlimited capital. There are plenty of quality outreach platforms available, but it’s sometimes challenging to justify a high annual membership.

Make sure to take overall platform cost into account before committing. Every platform has a different pay structure, so keep looking until you find one that works for your company.

9. Building Relationships

Building influencer relations is an important aspect of blogger outreach. You’re going to spend a lot of time nurturing any blogger to use your content, and you’ll want to maintain that relationship for the long term.

Services that offer some form of relationship building instead of superficial interactions tend to yield the best bloggers.

10. Is it Efficient?

If you’re outsourcing content to bloggers, you’re probably not working with lots of time. Make sure you’re choosing a blogger outreach service that’s built with efficiency in mind.

An efficient platform lets you browse, add new bloggers to your influencer list, check and add their social networks, and check their link building reputation.

With an astounding 81 percent of people trusting blogger recommendations, blog-centric influencers are becoming more and more vital. Which in turn, makes blogger outreach key in growing your brand.

With this in mind, use these tips to pair your compelling content with a blogger outreach service that fits your needs. Influencer marketing is growing, and now’s the time to join.

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