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21 Jan 2014

5 Foods that will Boost Your Productivity at Work

It seems to happen to everyone at one point or another at work, where your brain doesn’t seem to want to function and your eyelids start spazzing and can’t focus..

This could be happening due to the lack of knowledge about what food you are consuming. There are many people who think because it says low fat, low calorie, “lite” or reduced fat that they are making the right healthy choice. Not always true!

Some of the foods that are labeled “healthy” may not be as healthy as you think. Some of those foods are processed, filled with trans fat or sugar and have no nutritional benefit. It also could be the reason you feel sluggish and can’t focus at work.

Instead of packing soda or pizza from last nights dinner for work, start turning on that brain of yours and choose foods that will increase your productivity.


There are many health benefits to berries, like lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. However, berries are also are said to boost brain power.  Studies have shown that people who ate the most blueberries and strawberries had a delay up to 2.5 in their memory decline compared to the people who did not eat them. Berries help with your cognitive


Berries help with memory and cognition, which is kind of important to have for most of our jobs at least.


Although some people associate eggs with “high cholesterol”, there are many health advantages when you incorporate it into your regular diet.

Choline is complex B-Vitamin that is found in eggs. It is associated with enhancing memory and is said to help your reaction time.  We all know how easy it is to forget due dates or meeting times, so incorporating some eggs into your diet can help you make some improvements.

All thought it is “healthier” to eat just egg whites if you are watching your figure, you are losing out on benefits of the yolk. The yolk of an egg is said to contain two carotenoids. Carotenoids protect you against vision loss. Most of us could agree that our vision is fairly important when it comes to our jobs, so don’t leave out the yolk.


Seems kinda weird to think that eggplant could help you be more productive at work, but it can. People probably agree that since it is a vegetable, of course it is healthy and good for you. But what they don’t realize is that eggplant could give you that extra boost when it comes to work.

There is a high amount of phytonutrients which help protect your cell membranes from being damaged. Eggplant also can keep you thinking clearly, on your toes and help prevent stress with all the B complex vitamins it has.

Want to be less stressed at work? Eat Eggplant!


Yes you read that right, chocolate! Chocolate does have its benefits to helping you stay productive at work…you just can’t over indulge on it.

Many people have heard that dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. It is true to an extent, however they both have a good value when it comes to the workplace. Dark chocolate help enhance your focus and concentration due to the antioxidants it contains. Milk chocolate helps with your reaction time and is said to improve your visual and verbal memory.

So you don’t have to skip dessert when packing your lunch, just don’t go overboard!


Caffeine is known for waking you up and keeping you alert. Whether you choose to have it in the form of coffee or tea, it also has other benefits to help you at your place of work.

Research was done on caffeine and its benefits and they found out that it can boost one’s concentration, focus and cognitive performance. What is better combo to be productive at work?

Just make sure that you don’t take in too much caffeine, because it can speed up your heart rate and not allow you to get your full nights rest for the following work day.

So tomorrow when packing your lunch for work, make some good choices that not only benefit your health but also your productivity!

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