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18 Feb 2013

SEO Mind Map

I’ve been a die-hard fan and avid user of mind-mapping for 12 years now.  I simply can’t get enough of it.  I created my first vision board on a mind map.  I’ve been incorporating mind maps into strategy documents and proposals from the beginning.  I even mind map goals for my kids, weekly menus, and brainstorming how I can overcome negative emotions.

This is just a little example of what you can do with a mind map.  They can get incredibly more interesting and complex.

Since I started mindmapping, it’s gotten exponentially better.  There are many online mind mapping tools available, creating an amazing opportunity for collaboration.

Just today, I created a map for a global non-profit organization that I volunteer with.  I was able to start a conversation by creating a strategy documents that I’ve invited others to edit and add to.  As a team we can create a vision and follow the mind maps as a guide for executing the plan.

I was even able to import an image into my mindmap, a new development that old mindmapping tools couldn’t achieve.

Mindmapping is an excellent tool to incorporate into your social media strategy.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Brainstorm Content Topics:  Since content is king, you have to produce a steady stream of content for your blog and to share on other blogs.  It’s easy to run out of ideas.  What if you created a “Topics” mindmap, and added ideas to it as you curate content, read your daily news, etc?  Then, as each idea gives rise to a new idea, you can keep adding and growing your list.
  2. Create a Social Media Plan:  Using mindmaps, you can create a social media plan with goals and timelines, even breaking it down into projects and tasks.

seo mind mapSource

3.  Create a How To mindmap and share it with relevant sites.  This can be a great way to build links, especially if your mindmap has interesting information. Share your map on Pinterest.

4.  Map out your Social Day:  Create a visual of the social media tasks that you perform every day.  This will help you stay focused and organized as you grow your social presence.

5.   Create a mind mapping game, and invite others to collaborate.  Pick a topic relevant to your industry.  Then, invite people that you know would love to be involved.  Collaborate until you create something of real benefit to your target audience.  This can then be shared across all of your blogs and social channels.

Currently, my favorite mindmapping tools is It’s inexpensive, intuitive, easy to use, and allows for inclusion of images and other media sources.

Most importantly, have fun!  Mindmapping is a great tool for your toolbox and one that can help streamline your processes in an engaging and interesting way.  I, for sure, am addicted to all I can create with mind maps.

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