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09 Feb 2013

Pinterest Tips For Business

Have you noticed that more and more Pinterest pins are appearing in the search engine results pages?

It’s hard to ignore.

I’m continuously blown away by the amount of growth, and traffic, available through Pinterest.

Is your site Pin-Ready?

If the answer is no, here are a few steps you can follow to get your site pin-ready:

1. Do all of your posts have images? Go back through every single one of your posts and make sure they have images.  If they don’t have images, ADD them!

2. Create your OWN images!  The very best way to find pictures is:  YOUR CAMERA.  Get creative, have fun! You don’t need a fancy camera.  Your phone’s camera with Instagram can work wonders.  Use every opportunity to create photos that could work for your blog.  It’s the best – and safest – way to find images.

3.  Need some icons? No problem!

Icons Etc

4. Edit your Images Online

Use PicMonkey to edit your photos for free online.   You can add a watermark, add quotes, or even change the filters to enhance your images.
Pixlr is a sophisticated photo editor like Photoshop.

If there is an image you love and you want to find similar images, you can search using the following search tools: 
Pin Search Chrome extension: If you find a gorgeous image you love on Pinterest, use this Chrome extension to “reverse search” this image on Google Images.  Then you can check the licensing etc

5. Not sure what images to use?  Here are a few suggestions:

    • Wikimedia Commons
    • Microsoft Office Images
    • Search for images using the Attribution license
    • Search engine or WordPress Plugin
    • Another great plugin for WordPress, or can be used as a browser extension
  • Creative Commons Search
  • Stock.XCHNG
  • Google Images Advanced Search: click on the “advanced search” link, you can change the usage rights to find images that you can use.  I choose “labeled for commercial reuse with modification.”
  • – Pay for Images
  • – Pay for Images

Want more places to search for images?

Is 101 places enough?

OPTIMIZE your Images!!

Add a title and alt tags to all of your images!  A caption helps too.  Take advantage of every image you add to your blog.  You’d be surprised the traffic you can get from Google Images.

ADD Pin It Buttons to your Site!

If you built your website on WordPress, the best way is to integrate a Pinterest plug-in.  You can get that at

If you don’t have a WordPress site, then you can manually create pin-it buttons for each page. Pinterest has a “goodies” section at where you can find them.

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