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21 Mar 2013

Author Rank

author rankWith the introduction of Google Plus, Google has thrown a wrench into the way that people are ranking in their search engine. They are personalizing a lot of results now, meaning that if you’re logged in to Google, you’re going to see vastly different results than if you were logged out. Since so many people use Google these days, there’s a high likelihood that people searching for your content will be seeing personalized results.

With Google’s AuthorRank algorithm, you can greatly increase the chances you show up in more searches for more people. Having a high AuthorRank for any given topic means that Google is going to give your content a lot more weight than the average blogger. Here’s how to make it happen.

#1 Set up your Google+ Author Tag

I can’t stress this enough.  Even if you don’t have an active Google+ presence, just create an account, personalize your profile, and add your blog to the Contributes to section.  Then follow the steps to connect your Google+ profile to your blog:

Author Information in Search Results

I promise you WILL see an improvement in your search traffic right away.
#2 Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the best way to get organic visibility for your content. By reaching out to people in your industry for guest posting opportunities, you’re going to be able to reach a new sector of your audience that was previously unavailable to you.  Additionally, these bloggers might have MORE people following them, or a MORE engaged audience. There are a lot of different ways that guest blogging can help you out, but the important point is really to just get out there and start blogging.

#3 Engagement

You should also focus on engaging your audience as well. By making stronger connections to the people who are already following you, you’re going to have a lot more connectivity and engagement within your audience. They will be more likely to share your content via Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s +1 feature. All of these organic shares are picked up by Google and will contribute to your AuthorRank.

#4 Build your Reputation

Lastly, you should really be focusing on your online reputation. While putting out quality content is always a good strategy, whether on a guest blog or your own website, there are other ways to focus on it that have different effects. Reputation management is the careful, calculated approach to what shows up when people search for your name or brand. By ethically manipulating the search results, you can control what people see when they search for you. This makes it likely that they’ll see what you want them to see, and if that’s great content it will be linked to, shared, and promoted – all of which greatly increase your AuthorRank.

#5 Create something AWESOME

author rankThere’s a lot of content being created these days.   For people to notice you, you have to do something amazing and out of the norm.  Invest the time, money, or energy and create a unique, valuable resource for your industry.  Find something that has never been said and then share it.  You can create a How To video in Youtube, or a white paper, or an ebook.

Google is switching up the game at an ever-increasing pace with Google+ and the AuthorRank algorithm, but if you’re smart and savvy, you’ll be able to pick up these tips and run with them. Pretty soon your content will be shared far and wide, and your AuthorRank will increase to reflect that change!

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