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30 Apr 2013

Creating Engaging Content

Out of BlueGlass’s list of 34 tools, these are my favorites, and ones that I’ll be regularly adding to my arsenal of tools: : This is a forum search engine.  Great tool to use when link building through forum marketing.  Also a great way to find different “voices” when researching or looking for opinions on a topic.  You can do something similar if you use scrapebox to get a list of URL’s and creating a custom google search, but this is another alternative. : As I work I always have a bunch of notepads open to keep track of stuff I’m doing.  However sometimes I accidentally shut them down and lose what Im working on.  This will be a great tool to keep track of multiple notepads, that I can access from any computer. : Interesting visual search engine.  Useful for finding connections you wouldn’t have thought of.  The search results are also quite good. : I didn’t play too much with this one, but I can see how it would be a great, interactive way to create mind maps and visual thought processes and brainstorming.  Might also be a great, collaborative way to keep track of information.  I plan to use it to create groups of documents.  I almost exclusively use Google Docs for article marketing.  Using this tool I can drop all of the document for one client into one board and keep track of them this way, it’ll make it easy to find these documents. : A necessary for online and social media marketing is content development.  Based on The Artist’s Way, this tool gives a great canvas to write content without interruptions or distractions.  It also has a few features summarizing how you feel, word count, and more.

t : Want to share brief snippets with multiple people? You can type into throw and it will instantly create a shareable link that you  can send out.  Great for the work and collaborative flow.



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