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22 Nov 2012

Pinterest Marketing Plan

During the last few weeks, every time I mention Pinterest I hear comments like, “Oh yeah, they send us a TON Of traffic” or “We get more traffic from Pinterest than even Twitter!”
So if Pinterest hasn’t made it on to your To Do list, it’s time.

Here are 10 great Pinterest Marketing tools to help get you excited about using Pinterest.


With Pinstamatic, you can create all sorts of fun Pins.  You can create a pin out of a website, or create an image from a quote, as you can see above.

Other tools include:

  • Sticky notes
  • Creating pins out of audio tracks on Spotify
  • Creating a pin from your Twitter profile
  • Adding a pin from a calendar date
  • Adding a pin to your favorite restaurant with a map image
  • Add a caption to an image

After you’ve created all of these images, then use the Imgur chrome extension, rehost the images, and you can repurpose them for use on your blog and other sources.   Once you’ve prepared the images using Pinstamatic, you’ll be taken straight to your Pinterest page so you can pin the images.

It’s a great, fun tool, especially to create visual assets for your blog and articles!


Similar to Pinstamatic for creating images out of quotes.  Simply highlight text, click on the bookmarklet installed on your browser, select a background image, and voila, you have a beautiful quote ready to share.  Rehost it with Imgur and you can use that image for sharing on instagram, your blog, Pinterest, and much more.


I admit it, this one is kinda rough.  What I like about it is that you can get a summary of your Pinterest activity, and a count of followers, pin, repins, and likes for each board.  This is a great feature for establishing benchmarks and measuring growth.

I’m not terribly active on Pinterest (yet), but here’s a quick summary of my activity:


Similar to Stumbleupon, it will “spin” images and show you visually attractive content that was pulled in from a variety of sources.  You can “spin” the images to see a variety of different types of images.  Great source for new content.


Create campaign on Reachli, which result in a new pin being added to your Pinterest campaign.  Then Reachli will track that pin and give you great statistics about the performance of each pin, including likes, repins, and reach.

Now you can also use Reachli to advertise your images and visual content through a network of participating providers.   Prices seem very competitive, but I have not tried it yet so I cannot comment on its effectiveness.


By visiting repinly you can find a directory of top pinterest users, trending pins, and popular boards.  It’s a great way to find content to consume, enjoy, comment on, and repin.   If you need inspiration for what to share on Pinterest, this is a great place to visit.


Spending too much time every day pinning images?  Now you can use Pingraphy to schedule your pins.  Spending some time once a week and upload pins in bulk, then schedule them to be “dripped” into your Pinterest feed.  This tool is a fabulous time saver and will keep your Pinterest account active.  I installed the bookmarklet so I can schedule pins as I navigate and find beautiful images.

Pin Search

Chrome extension that does a “reverse” search in Google images for similar/relevant images from Pinterest.  It’s simple.  You install the extension in Chrome.  Then, if you find a gorgeous image on Pinterest and want to find more, you click on “search”.  This will take you to a Google Images search where you can see other relevant images.


Now how the heck do you put all of these elements together to create a Pinterest marketing strategy? And that, my friends, is something to discuss in a future post.  Next week…promise!

What is your favorite Pinterest tool?

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  1. Another tool to check out is Viralheat. We offer analytics and mentions of pins based on customized keywords.

  2. We have been using Reachly since it started as Pinerly and it is a great tool with stats and a chance to earn revenue from ads, it is very easy to use, you can also add filters to the pins like on instagram!

  3. Wow, really useful information. I’m going to investigate some of them further. Thank you!

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