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27 Feb 2013

Backlink Profiles


What a work of art, this backlink profile is.  Use of brand name as their primary anchor text.  Mostly DoFollow links with a sprinkling of NoFollows for balance.  Varied links from thousands of C classes.  It’s an SEO beauty.

BL: Number of backlinks to the page
BLDom: Number of backlinks from a page to a domain
DomPop: Number of backlinks from a domain to a domain
Power:  Similar to PR
Trust: Based on TrustRank
Power*Trust:  Great number to measure a site by
KwDomain: visibility (number of keyword ranks) for a domain
LVT: Link velocity trends
SWR-Topdom:  SiteWide links ratio to the domain
DLR – Topdom: Deep links ratio to the domain
DomAge – How old is the domain
ACrank:  Majestic Rank
PR: PageRank
BLedu: backlinks from edu domains
BLgov: backlinks from gov domains
Alexa: traffic rating
Cpop topdom: Link popularity to the topdomain based on links from individual C classes
RT’s: retweets
FBvotes: Likes on Facebook
G+1: +1 on Google plus
Stumbleupon: number of times a site was stumbled
Pinterest: Number of times a page was pinned
Reddit: Number of times bookmarked
Diggs: Number of diggs
IP Popularity: Number of links from unique IP’s
Link Location: Where the link is mentioned on the page (footer, body, header, etc)


There’s over 3400 unique backlinks to the domain.

The link velocity trends over the last 2 years shows that it’s a site that is steadily growing.

The number of sitewide links is low, so links are coming in from pages, and as the deep links ratio is high, the links are going from internal pages to internal pages, which is the most natural scenario.

It has links from both .edu and .gov sites.

Alexa ranking is low meaning the site gets a high amount of traffic.

It shows lots of social engagement and interaction, including a huge number of stumbles, tweets and facebook likes.

There’s over 25,000 keyword ranks for the domain.

Most of the links are from individual IP’s

There’s variation in the link location profile, with a high number of in-content links, as well as links from paragraphs, link lists, and few links from comments, and sidebars.

They types of sites linking to it are also varied, with many links coming in from blogs, others from forums, shopping sites, etc.

Titlerank shows that there is a high number of rankings for keywords in the title of a link.

Even though the vast number of links are from DoFollow domains, there are some nofollow, which shows it’s a natural link profile.

Many of their inbound links have high SEOmoz domain authority, indicating trust and power from their inbound links.

Finally, as you can see, their primary anchor text is for their brand name, “Brickhouse Security”. There’s also great variety in the anchor text, ranking from money terms, images, sentences, and URL’s.


Even though it’s obvious that there’s active link building, it looks natural and authentic.   Their densities and ratios all indicate that this is a site producing high quality content, engaging with customers and media, and producing the type of information and service that the average consumer is interested in.


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