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21 Apr 2014

Google Plus Share

I saw this re-share on Google Plus and was just amazed at just how perfect it was.  All of the elements of a proper Google Plus share were included.  Let me dive in and critique this, explaining why this is a great example for people looking to improve their presence on Google Plus.

google plus share


  1. Title of the Post in Bold, with a link to enlarge the infographic (infographics don’t show up very well on Google Plus, so adding this link is a WONDERFUL way to draw attention to the full-size image.
  2. Summary of the Infographic: including links and sources of the research.  Most importantly, it mentions Key Takeaways, which is great for people who want the information “chewed up” for them.
  3. Pinterest Link: Connect your Google Plus with your Pinterest by providing a link for people to pin your image.
  4. Source: Give proper attribution by including a link to the original, non-Google plus source.  Not only is this great Plustiquette, it also earns you a connection with the original blogger.
  5. H/T: Hat Tip is a way to Plus Mention the original source, again, creating a connection and giving proper attribution.
  6. Link to Source: Cites sources for the article, including links to sources of statistics (also creates a connection with an authority site)
  7. Hashtags: 2 different relevant hashtags that help categorize the content
  8. Embedded infographic:  What Irfan did here is he cut up the infographic and displayed it as 2 columns, so the actual size of the infographic was larger and easier to visualize.
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