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06 Feb 2013

Authority Link Building

I’ve analyzed hundred’s of site’s backlinks that are currently ranking well, and one commonality I noticed was that in the backlink portfolio of many of these sites is a combination of free and paid press releases.

Some argue that free press release sites have no value.  Others swear by it and claim that it is one of the top methods to gain links.  My opinion is somewhere in between.  Another major commonality of sites that are ranking well is variety in their backlink profile.  So having a few high quality press releases in the mix with a few free ones creates variety.

A few of the benefits of using press releases are:

  • Create citations for your content
  • Builds your link popularity
  • Creates exposure for your brand
  • Promotes your social profiles and encourages interactions
  • Gets your Brand name out and in front of other sites and journalists creating the possibility of publicity coverage

It’s essential for your press release to be interesting and of high quality.  It may seem that difficult to create interesting press releases when there is nothing newsworthy to share.  The key is to get creative!  Even the most boring of products and brands can find a human interest angle for their story, and present it in an appealing way.

Here’s an example.  Let’s take a company offering video surveillance cameras.  In order to create a story that’s newsworthy, they could search for interesting businesses that could benefit from having a free video surveillance system.  One example is a company that gave free cameras to a Zoo to monitor their animals.  In exchange for the cameras, the zoo allowed them to create a live stream of the animals over the internet.  This has the potential to go viral and create lots of publicity.

Go out to lunch with your team and start throwing out ideas.  Pull out your iphone and download a mindmapping app sou you can start brainstorming and opening yourself up for inspiration.

Once your press release is ready, decide whether you’ll submit it to free press release sites or a paid one.  We swear by as a paid service.  As for free press releases, here are a few that you can submit to:

Most importantly, have fun while finding creative ways to promote your business!

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