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LinkedIn is a seamless platform that connects the social to the professional. Individuals and businesses can use to create valuable industry connections, build their brand, and even gather leads. With How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi, you have an actionable, comprehensive guide to harnessing this networking force!

Created in partnership with one of our B2B clients, this infographic magnifies how LinkedIn shouldn’t be used as just an online resume, but as an active tool in your social media marketing arsenal. The research was based on our own, in-house knowledge of the LinkedIn platform, how it works, and how it can benefit the brands we work with.

This infographic was the second in our “How To Become…” social influencer series, which focuses on providing playful, comprehensive guides to promoting yourself or your brand on various social networks. The theme of Jedi and the “Force” was used to act as a thematic ideal to which the reader could aspire to, but also bring a pop culture element that would attract readers at all levels of the LinkedIn user funnel.

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