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08 Feb 2013

Free Press Release Sites

Here’s what the metrics mean:

DomPop: Number of inbound links from unique domains
Power*Trust: Power is similar to PR. Trust is based on TrustRank and is the measure of how much Google trusts that page. Power*Trust is a combination of both.
LVT: Link Velocity Trends – how quickly their links are growing
SWR-topdom: SiteWide links ratio
DLR-topdom: DeepLinks ratio
DomAge: Domain Age
ACrank: OSE rank
PR: Page rank
MozAuthDom: Seomoz Authority to the domain
RTs: Retweets
FB!Votes: Total number of Facebook votes
G+1: +1’ed o Google
Pinterest: How many times pages/images from the site have been pinned
Reddit: How many times it’s been bookmarked
StumbleUpon: How many times it’s been stumbled
Diggs: How many diggs

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  1. Pressat is decent.

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