29 Jan 2019

The Evolution of Data: Creating Intent-Led Digital Strategies

Even though most people think that data-driven marketing is based on numbers, the focus is often misconstrued.  Data-driven marketing uses data to study what makes people connect.  It uses patterns to reveal to marketers the insights required to get customers to act.   Data-driven marketing is changing the way digital marketers think about people. With […]

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18 Jul 2018
Productive Things To Do

Productive Things To Do When You Are a Freelancer Job-Hunting

Did you know that freelancers are predicted to become the majority of the U.S. workforce within the next decade? In fact, over 50% of millennials are already working as freelancers. So, it’s no surprise that when searching for the next project, the struggle is real. Many freelancers describe their work life as “feast or famine,” […]

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21 Jul 2017
KPIs measure SEO

What KPIs Should I be Using to Measure my SEO Campaign

KPIs (key performance indicators) show you just how well your SEO campaigns are working. For instance, if you’re enjoying a boost in your domain authority, you’ll know that your SEO strategy works well. If your time on site increases, your content is on the right track. Essentially, your KPIs help determine what’s working and what […]

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14 Jul 2017
youtube influencer marketing

The Most Common Mistakes Made in Youtube Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is valuable when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. Facebook and Twitter influencers are highly sought after, but recently, YouTube influencer marketing is taking the spotlight. It’s really no surprise. YouTube is the second largest search engine with more than a billion people using the social channel. In fact, YouTube gets 30 […]

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07 Jul 2017

What are the Best Blogger Outreach Tools?

Marketing is always evolving, and it’s changing now more than ever. As a result, modern marketers are constantly on the lookout for new trends and cutting edge strategies. Influencer marketing or blogger outreach has become one of the most cost-effective strategies for acquiring and retaining new customers in recent years. If you’re trying to raise […]

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30 Jun 2017
does seo really work

Does SEO Really Make A Difference?

As the second half of 2017 approaches, it’s time to examine the digital marketing landscape for the rest of the year, and the trends you should pay attention to. SEO never stops evolving, and staying ahead is crucial to marketing success.

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15 Jun 2017

20 Content Marketing Research Tricks to Spark Your Inspiration

Crafting fresh content to fuel marketing efforts can certainly be challenging. Delivering timely posts to your audience is your aim, but what if you hit the creativity wall when it comes to content marketing ideas? After all, there are 82.7 million new posts published monthly, according to WordPress.com. Those posts generate 43.3 million new comments. […]

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09 Jun 2017
blogger outreach service

10 Tips to Pick a Blogger Outreach Service

When a brand, business or blog makes tremendous ranking gains out of nowhere, it raises eyebrows. There are always SEO changes happening on page and off, but one distinct tactic continues to impact rankings; blogger outreach. Blogger outreach refers to recruiting influencers through various means. Though the best way to gather a loyal blogger following […]

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19 May 2017

How Many Links Does My Site Need To Rank Well?

Ranking well on Google is key to successful digital marketing. However, Google’s habit of regularly updating its algorithm makes it tough to follow exactly what’s needed to rank well. One common point of contention among site owners is the number of links needed to earn a good ranking. Though as anyone with significant digital marketing […]

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17 May 2017
On-Page SEO

How to Optimize Blog Articles for On-Page SEO

What are the best practices to keep in mind when optimizing blog content for SEO?  You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting advice.  In this article, we’ll go through on-page SEO best practices for optimizing blog content.  This will guarantee that you are hedging your bets for on-page relevance. When combined with a strong outreach […]

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