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09 Sep 2013

Brand Recognition for SEO and Beyond

For SEO and beyond

Brand recognition is one of the important things that Google looks at when determining a website’s ranking. Because of this it has become even more essential to build a viable, well-represented brand online – your organic rankings could be at stake!

In today’s market, authority can make all of the difference:

  • Authority creates SEO signals, which in turn improve rankings
  • Authority creates and encourages increased web traffic to your site
  • Authority inspires confidence in your brand and creates a positive environment for your prospects to become more familiar with your brand and what you have to offer


Build authority around your online brand


Once you have created a name for yourself online you will need to put some serious effort into holding up your brand as a legitimate authority in your industry. It is essential to make your business and real brand in Google’s eyes.

  • Submit your business to google local business – This is so you are represented by a physical address and place of business. This is extremely important to legitimize your business in Google’s eyes.
  • Submit to Directories – Like Google local business this is important to solidify a presence as a real life business and brand. Submit to local and national directories such as Manta and Hotfrog.
  • Take advantage of Yelp – Like directories yelp in a sense is also one. Having a presence in yelp is essential.
  • Post regularly to your own blog – A blog connected to your brand is a valuable tool. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to self-publishing this way, do now is the time to start dazzling readers with your brilliance! Want to earn some extra points? Actually respond to comments left by real people (as opposed to spammers) and demonstrate your knowledge in your answers to questions or concerns.
  • Keep your social profiles fresh – Keep them current and update them with any new information as soon as you can. For example, if you get a new website, add the URL to your social profiles to make it easier to find.
  • Get involved in relevant discussions – Keep your senses alert for mentions of your brand of course, but also make sure that you are searching for questions that you could answer to demonstrate your knowledge and authority as well. Make an effort to participate in intelligent discussions!
  • Guest blog on authority websites – Yes, another reason to guest blog. This is an excellent way to prove to other people that you know what you’re talking about. This can lead to new traffic from the host blog coming over to see if your brand is really as knowledgeable as you make it out to be in your writing.
  • Create and distribute interesting, useful content – Things like white papers, infographics, and videos are great ways to share your knowledge with your audience in a way that demonstrates your brand’s authority on a subject.


You’ve likely noticed that these tips look a lot like advice regularly associated with solid SEO strategies. Spot on! Many SEO strategy components can serve double duty and act as authority builders and brand promoters online because things like content creation and social activity are not only indicators of activity but also of authority. Someone lacking knowledge wouldn’t be able to blog as successfully as someone who knows their topic inside and out, just like someone with an incomplete, sparsely populated social presence couldn’t get the best engagement numbers. In today’s market, authority and relevance can make or break a brand, and the time to choose is now!

Video: Brand Building for Authority in Small Business


Guest post by Kris Dietz, Co-founder RankPop

My approach to SEO is creating something amazing then spreading the word about it! As a company we strive to help our customers, employees and families improve their lives. My mission is to develop and mold SEO into an amazing outlet of sharing valuable resources.  Follow Kris on Twitter.

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