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22 Jan 2013

Happy Employees More Productive

It’s early morning and I sit down to start planning out the day.  As soon as I start getting into a flow, my IM rings with a friend asking a question.  Soon after my skype rings and it’s one of my employees in Argentina asking a question about her task.  I start writing my first article of the day when my phone alarm goes off with 2 text messages coming in.  I answer my txts and continue with my article when I have to stop to eat breakfast because even though I’ve already been at my desk for an hours I am hungry and haven’t accomplished anything yet.  I eat breakfast, start checking my emails and social media accounts, when somebody walks in the door to my office asking a question, or needing something.  And on and on the day goes, full of distractions and interruptions, both from others and from my own busy busy mind.

I’m left to wonder – what am I missing?  How can I organize my day in a way that I can maximize my time at work without being OCD?   Is it even possible to shut out all of the bells and rings and distractions to enhance my productivity?  Are there time management or productivity tools that can fill in the gap?

On a good day, my flow is the following:

1.  Meditate in order to clear and calm my mind

2. Write down everything that I can think of that I need to accomplish so it’s out of my brain and on “paper” (a computer TODO)

3.  Start checking emails and responding to all relevant queries

4.  Write and send articles

5.  Update all master sheets and administrative lists

6.  Wrap up the day by crossing everything that was accomplished off the list and noting what’s left for the next day

Often times the day ends and I find I started 10 different tasks but didn’t complete any.  Other days I find that I made good progress on all of the different projects that I manage.

If you have tips or ideas on how to maximize productivity and avoid distractions, please share!


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