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Category: Content

15 Jun 2017

20 Content Marketing Research Tricks to Spark Your Inspiration

Crafting fresh content to fuel marketing efforts can certainly be challenging. Delivering timely posts to your audience is your aim, but what if you hit the creativity wall when it comes to content marketing ideas? After all, there are 82.7 million new posts published monthly, according to Those posts generate 43.3 million new comments. […]

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08 Sep 2015

What to look for in a Reputation Management Company

Have you ever surfed on the web just to find out that someone posted content about you or your company with entirely inaccurate information that could actually hurt your reputation? With the growing popularity of digital media as well as social networks, and the masses of content that came with it over the last two […]

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26 Nov 2014

The Marketer’s Relationship With Facebook: It’s Not Complicated

Introduction Why Advertising on Facebook is the Right Choice Goals and KPI’s: What Should They Be? What Types of Ads Should I Use? Getting to Know Your Audience Specific Interest Targeting Using INterest Targeting to Segment Your Reach Hidden Interests Mashing Up Your Targeting Options Creating Your Ads – Grab, Intrigue, and Convince The Anatomy […]

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23 Jan 2014

Content Questions

Surveys offer fantastic opportunities for a plethora of high quality content as well as editorial links.  Instead of writing about the same topics everyone else is writing about, survey data can give you concrete numbers and evidence to communicate a message in a unique and effective manner.

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27 Jun 2013

How To Curate Content

Over at CopyPress, I wrote about content curation tools and how to use them as part of your content marketing strategy.  Content curation is an excellent supplement to a content building and social media marketing plan, so here are the tools you’ll need to curate like a pro:

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30 Apr 2013

Creating Engaging Content

Out of BlueGlass’s list of 34 tools, these are my favorites, and ones that I’ll be regularly adding to my arsenal of tools: : This is a forum search engine.  Great tool to use when link building through forum marketing.  Also a great way to find different “voices” when researching or looking for opinions on […]

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24 Jan 2013

Interesting Blog Topics

You can’t escape the content creation monster any more.  Link building has evolved beyond merely getting a text link on another site.  Now that text link has to be supported by high quality contextual content.  Consequently, to build links you have to write content.  But how many times can you write about the same 5 […]

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21 Nov 2012

Repurposing Content

I just finished writing an article that I will be sending out for publication at a high-profile site.  As this blog is new I have to give up some of my time, content and experience in order to gain exposure.  I cringed when I hit “send” and gave them that article.

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