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Category: Link Building

19 May 2017

How Many Links Does My Site Need To Rank Well?

Ranking well on Google is key to successful digital marketing. However, Google’s habit of regularly updating its algorithm makes it tough to follow exactly what’s needed to rank well. One common point of contention among site owners is the number of links needed to earn a good ranking. Though as anyone with significant digital marketing […]

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24 Oct 2014

A Comprehensive Guide to Safe and Effective Link Earning

1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Develop your Content Assets a. Types of content b. Owned vs Hosted Content   c. Define your Link Strategy 4. Preparing for Outreach a. Discover Relevant Sites to Reach Out To b. Create a Spreadsheet with Potential Link Opportunities c. Find Contact Information d. Write Custom Pitch Letters 5. Start […]

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15 May 2014

How To Get High Quality Backlinks

Throughout the past year, we have seen many changes in the world of internet marketing. More specifically: link building. As we have now stepped into this Google penalty apocalypse, getting hit left and right for link penalties, webmasters are now wondering if there are, in fact, any “safe” and effective link building methods still out […]

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01 Apr 2014
link building tactics

Link Building Tactics

Building links for your domain through guest blogging is an easy process, though it can be made difficult through convoluted processes or lack of quality content. Though it took me awhile, the following guidelines took me from link building zero to guest blogging hero. First, let’s review what the end result should be: a link […]

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07 Mar 2013

Link Building Services

As a professional SEO, you’re more aware than most about the downsides of the industry. The biggest complain from SEOs and clients alike is the lack of measurable results. While it is a common complaint, it’s not a valid one if you are a competent SEO. There are plenty of techniques you can use to […]

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27 Feb 2013

Backlink Profiles

{EAV:742c42ae9bdffe49} What a work of art, this backlink profile is.  Use of brand name as their primary anchor text.  Mostly DoFollow links with a sprinkling of NoFollows for balance.  Varied links from thousands of C classes.  It’s an SEO beauty.

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