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Category: Miscellaneous

18 Jul 2018
Productive Things To Do

Productive Things To Do When You Are a Freelancer Job-Hunting

Did you know that freelancers are predicted to become the majority of the U.S. workforce within the next decade? In fact, over 50% of millennials are already working as freelancers. So, it’s no surprise that when searching for the next project, the struggle is real. Many freelancers describe their work life as “feast or famine,” […]

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30 Jun 2017
does seo really work

Does SEO Really Make A Difference?

As the second half of 2017 approaches, it’s time to examine the digital marketing landscape for the rest of the year, and the trends you should pay attention to. SEO never stops evolving, and staying ahead is crucial to marketing success.

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12 Oct 2016
creativity and music

Creativity And Music

I alluded to my usage of Spotify on a regular basis in my first post, and I think it’s time to take a further look. A workplace is full of distractions; that’s a given. We all deal with them because we have to. Whether it’s out of annoyance, or the desire to possess a degree of […]

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29 Dec 2014
Self-Driving Car

The Revolutionary Self-Driving Car

  The Commute The daily trip to the office is difficult for many reasons – be it the fatigue, or the early morning strain of holding your cup of coffee while finding your keys to lock the house. But something most people can agree upon is that the absolute worst part of getting to work […]

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08 Dec 2014
Be Your Own Boss

Infographic: Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss?

With startups popping up left and right, it seems fair to also assume that there must be a respective increase in the number of self-employed entrepreneurs that were acting as their own “bosses”. However, studies in this year have shown that self-employment is actually down 5% from last year, and may decrease further.

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24 Nov 2014
Mobile Security

Mobile Security Infestation

Like every invention and innovation that makes our lives easier, smartphone apps always come with caveats. Sometimes they cost too much; other times, they exhibit addictive qualities that make it harder to stop using them. But lately, one of the most significant issues facing smartphone users that love a good app, particularly those with Android […]

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12 Nov 2014
Work Habits

Work Habits of the New Millennium

There are over 79 million of them. 27% of them are self-employed. And by 2030, they will make up 50% of the workforce. There are many names for the generation that is about to take over America’s economic, technological, and creative future: Generation Y, Generation Smartphone, the 9/11 Generation. Most commonly, though, we just identify […]

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08 Oct 2014
google analytics site conversion and tracking

Site & Conversion Tracking Protocol

How effective is your adwords campaign? What about your SEO? Can you differentiate between traffic and leads acquired  through each?  How would you like to know the exact ROI for your marketing dollars? Knowing how to track from all of your sources can be very complex.  Between Analytics, AdWords Conversions, AdWords remarketing, Facebook conversions and […]

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06 Oct 2014
Holiday Marketing

Merry Marketing: How To Ramp Up Your Strategy For the Holidays

  Ring in the Holidays While most people spend the beginning weeks of October sorting their Halloween costumes, buying candy treats, and pulling out their fall coats, savvy businesses are already solidifying their holiday marketing: they know what’s going to marked down for special promotions, they’ve designed brand new landing pages and email templates, and […]

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22 Sep 2014
SSL Transition

Tricks for An Easy SSL Transition

Google has favored SSL sites more and more as of late. Only a few months ago, Google Developers began their HTTPS Everywhere campaign, arguing that all internet pages, sites, and content should be secured – by default. And now, they’ve come right out and said it: sites with SSL are going to get better rankings, […]

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