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Category: Miscellaneous

12 Oct 2016
creativity and music

Creativity And Music

I alluded to my usage of Spotify on a regular basis in my first post, and I think it’s time to take a further look. A workplace is full of distractions; that’s a given. We all deal with them because we have to. Whether it’s out of annoyance, or the desire to possess a degree of […]

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15 Sep 2014

How to Communicate in a Zombie Apocalypse

It has a starring role in some of our favorite TV shows and a favorite seat in our worst nightmares: the lights go out, the internet is no more, and weapons and water have replaced iPads as the hottest commodities: it is the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

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18 Jul 2014

Multiscreen World

The convenience that modern technology affords its users cannot be questioned. Laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones can turn even the leisurely extremes of a Netflix binge-watching session into a relatively efficient affair. But as companies continue to evolve their products to work more efficaciously with these technological wonders, and vice versa, the ability for users […]

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11 Apr 2014
making infographics online

Making Infographics Online

Since I started here at Gryffin Media, a big part of my job is conducting research for the various infographics we put together. As someone who is naturally curious, I quite enjoy the process of hunting down all possible relevant information for a topic or concept. Infographics take the consumption of information–something that can often […]

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14 Feb 2014

Valentine Love

In case you missed the blatant pink and red displays in all of the grocery stores, where you practically have to trip over heart-shaped balloons in order to get to the cereal aisle, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For some, it is the best day of the year. A chance to pig out on boxes of […]

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21 Jan 2014

5 Foods that will Boost Your Productivity at Work

It seems to happen to everyone at one point or another at work, where your brain doesn’t seem to want to function and your eyelids start spazzing and can’t focus.. This could be happening due to the lack of knowledge about what food you are consuming. There are many people who think because it says […]

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25 Jul 2013

Impact Of Student Loan Debt

College, Americans are told, is a rite of passage. A time for students to cultivate their careers, and learn who they are as a person. College is also very, very expensive. As the amount of Americans attending colleges rises, so too do the costs associated with being a college student. Graduates are finding themselves in […]

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07 Jun 2013

Seo For Google Glass

Every so often a new technology or media platform comes along and reinvigorates (or infuriates!) marketers. In addition to adapting to Google’s ever-evolving set of rules and guidelines, in recent years we’ve had to add an understanding of social media and mobile as well as rebuild our websites to include responsive design. Well – we’re […]

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