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Category: SEO

17 May 2017
On-Page SEO

How to Optimize Blog Articles for On-Page SEO

What are the best practices to keep in mind when optimizing blog content for SEO?  You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting advice.  In this article, we’ll go through on-page SEO best practices for optimizing blog content.  This will guarantee that you are hedging your bets for on-page relevance. When combined with a strong outreach […]

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21 Nov 2014

PPC Management Driving You Mad? These Adwords Scripts Save Hours!

What Are AdWords Scripts? AdWords scripts are an extremely powerful tool in Google AdWords. They have the capability to do most of, if not everything, a PPC a manager can do and it does these tasks almost instantly. They can gather specific data from the largest of accounts in seconds, restructure an entire account with its campaigns, […]

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07 Nov 2014

Adwords Campaign Starter Guide

Starting an AdWords Campaign may seem like a daunting task as a whole, but by following this guide, which breaks down the process step by step, you’ll have your own campaign set up in no time. Before starting a campaign, you need to have a few things:

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31 Oct 2014

A Step by Step Guide to Performing a Panda Audit

1. Introduction 2. Create an “All Pages” List 1. Site: Search 2. CMS Export 3. Webmaster Tools 4. Google Analytics 5. Screaming Frog 3. Remove Duplicate URL’s 4. Gather Page Metrics 1. URL profiler 2. Duplicate Content 3. Content Evaluation 5. Optimize Pages 1. Keyword Research 2. Optimiza On-Page Elements 3. Refresh/Add Content 6. Technical […]

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22 Oct 2014

Comprehensive Guide to Using Viraltag

When managing various kinds of social media, it’s important to utilize the tools that will make your job more efficient by expediting daily tasks. When it comes to Pinterest, which involves pinning multiple images to boards on a consistent basis, it is much more time efficient to compile a bulk set of pins that you […]

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20 Oct 2014

How Google Has Ruled Online Communication

When pitting Google against other companies, it’s hard to find a race they wouldn’t win. When comparing search engines, it almost feels blasphemous to put Google on the same level of Yahoo and Bing. After all, no one says “Just go home and Bing that,” and Yahoo! Mail makes up only 4% of total email […]

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13 Oct 2014

What’s Going On In the Google Labs?

Google has turned into the Willie Wonka of sorts in the world of STEM – we’re constantly watching what sort of new revolutionary tech candy they’re going to come out with, what new innovation will save us time, and even what new algorithm might sway the world of SEO and content marketing in a completely […]

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03 Oct 2014

AdWords Weekly Optimization Checklist

Looking through your AdWords Account and Campaigns regularly is the foundation for success in AdWords. The ability for your campaign to garner the best possible audience is dependent on your ability to spot trends, waste, and potential in your account. Good news:  weekly Adwords optimization can be a simple task if you follow this guide. […]

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22 Aug 2014

Google Office Hours

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on August 15th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability.

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17 Aug 2014
keyword optimization

How to Do Keyword Research? 17 Experts Answer!

Rana Shahbaz interviewed industry experts to find out what tools and tips they could share about keyword research. How to Do Keyword Research: 17 Industry Experts Shared Their Methods & Tools There are some great suggestions and tools. For a newbie this might be confusing as everyone shares their own approach. Experts can pick up […]

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