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Category: Social Media

10 Nov 2016

Step by Step Strategy to Creating a Powerful Social Media Calendar

Create a Social Listening Dashboard One of the most difficult jobs of a social media manager is curating excellent content, from industry news to funny images to inspirational photos. The best content will drive engagement, spurring fans on to comment, like, and share posts. However, finding such content isn’t always easy and it does take […]

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16 Dec 2014

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

We all take in information in different ways.  Some of us can read instructions or have a process explained and understand perfectly.  Others need some kind of visual display.  For most people in the digital age, visual recognition is the primary mode of receiving information.  Naturally, your customer service platform should follow suit.

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01 Dec 2014

Streaming Loud and Clear: How to Boost Your Youtube Rankings

When comparing the various mediums of online consumption, Youtube videos take very large piece of the pie. Over 3 billion videos are watched every day, and make up a third of all online activity. It therefore comes as no surprise that Youtube is considered the #2 search engine in the world. This makes it an […]

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26 Nov 2014

The Marketer’s Relationship With Facebook: It’s Not Complicated

Introduction Why Advertising on Facebook is the Right Choice Goals and KPI’s: What Should They Be? What Types of Ads Should I Use? Getting to Know Your Audience Specific Interest Targeting Using INterest Targeting to Segment Your Reach Hidden Interests Mashing Up Your Targeting Options Creating Your Ads – Grab, Intrigue, and Convince The Anatomy […]

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27 Oct 2014
Paid Social Amplification

The Road to Success Through Paid Social Amplification

One of the most significant factors in social media’s pivotal role in online marketing is the ease with which marketers can pay to promote ads alongside their social profiles, videos, and feeds. The goal of paid social amplification is a bit of a no-brainer: when you have five thousand Facebook likes, all from people who […]

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17 Oct 2014

A Step by Step Guide to a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

1. Intro 1. Pinterest by the Numbers 2. Understanding Pinterest 2 Part 1: Setting up your Pinterest Account . Creating your Brand New Pinterest Account 1. Optimizing Your Website For Pinterest 2. Optimize your images for Pinterest 3. Creating Boards 4. Start Pinning 3. Part 2: Crafting Your Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy . Preliminary Research […]

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29 Sep 2014
social media etiquette for business

Social Media Etiquette Guide

We’re used to watching what we say –  and how we say it. Communication has always been one of the main modes we use in making connections, and t we’ve always had to be aware of how to we go about it. You were probably taught to be polite, to listen, but also engage – […]

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12 Sep 2014

How to use for Twitter Optimization is a social media tool specifically catered to synthesizing Twitter data. When using a social media platform like twitter – a multi-faceted, fast-paced network in which tweets can be missed in the blink of an eye, and replies can disappear as quickly as they came, it’s important to have a dashboard in which you […]

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10 Sep 2014
pinterest tips for business

Pinterest Tips For Business

Pinterest marketing is a game of honor. A game of endurance. A game of fabulous hair.   While the Colosseum was home to men and slaves, Pinterest is dominated by upper class women looking for creative ideas and tools to take help, add style and, uniqueness in life and lifestyle. Like, what hair cuts are in trending, best […]

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30 May 2014

Social Viral Share

Every day over 27 million pieces of content are shared across the web. With such a deluge of information, it’s a wonder that any single piece of content gains enough traction to go viral, and yet they do. The key to creating great, shareable content is to have the right balance of ingredients. You need to appeal to the […]

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