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Category: Video Marketing

16 Dec 2014

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

We all take in information in different ways.  Some of us can read instructions or have a process explained and understand perfectly.  Others need some kind of visual display.  For most people in the digital age, visual recognition is the primary mode of receiving information.  Naturally, your customer service platform should follow suit.

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06 Jun 2013

Video Marketing Plan

Canada’s appetite for online video is among the highest in the world. According to a recent comScore study, every month Canadians watch an average of 291 online videos, totalling 24.8 hours of viewing per person.

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16 Apr 2013

Video Web Marketing

  You don’t need complicated equipment to make a video for the internet. By now, you probably already know that social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest can boost your site’s traffic if you use them properly to share things of interest to your readers. Most business and site owners do.

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