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12 Apr 2013

Does Article Marketing Work?

Many people ask me about article marketing, wondering whether it still works.

In short, I believe the answer is NO.

Article marketing worked for a little while, until it got abused by marketers.  Think of how easy it is for Google to identify these sites, and simply remove their authority?

They’ve publicly stated that they have human raters that can affect a site’s rankings.   So it would take them a couple of week and a small sum of money to have a few human raters create a list of all of the top article marketing directories, and then diminish/reduce the authority they can pass to links.

Do these sites really create value?

Not really, anyone can now create an promote their own blogs.  Plus there are companies like Demand Media and others who have systems to create high value content that is editorially reviewed.

Google’s emphasis now is on UnEarned links, links that you acquire naturally.  Article directories represent low value Earned links.

So what can you do instead?

I’m afraid the shortcuts are getting shorter and shorter, in fact they are close to disappearing.

Guest Blogging is one of the most valuable link building methods, but focus on natural, high quality blogs, not spammy blogs created just to charge for guest posts.  Then there’s the old school strategy of creating high value content assets, as well as networking to share your content.  Oh, and of course, there’s still the “Broken Links” strategy too.

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