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17 Apr 2014

Promote Google Plus Page

When sharing content on Google Plus, the majority of people do not take the time to format their posts. Isn’t it enough that you’re actually taking the time to post regularly?  Consistent content is good, but carefully formatted content is even better.  Just by spending a few minutes to improve the aesthetics of your post, you instantly increase its shareability.

Here, Gryffin Media hosts another short hangout with Social Media Marketing expert Jesse Wojdylo. Jesse provides several exclusive tips for maximizing your content on Plus, specifically as it relates to formatting. Because of the fast-paced nature of social media, formatting is everything. People scroll through their stream at the speed of light, and if your content isn’t quickly readable, it will get passed over, without so much as a share or a +1.  Adapt your content to the nature of Google Plus users and you will see a significant increase in traffic and engagement on your page.

Video Source: Communicate Google Plus

A few key takeaways:

Start by trying. How do your posts look when they get shared? Are they easily noticed, or will people barely see them when scrolling?

Tall and skinny is king over short and wide. As social media platforms evolve and change, tall and skinny images are becoming much more popular than images that are short and wide. The reason: a tall and skinny post is extremely helpful for shareability. People are able to see images formatted in this way much quicker, thus increasing their likelihood of sharing.

The shorter the quote, the better. Again, attention span of users is low. They want something that they can read quickly and move on.

Share a section of an infographic, not the whole thing. Infographics on Plus appear almost like a tiny black line – they can be nonexistent. Instead of sharing the entire thing, capture a section with an interesting statistic or sentence and just share that. Then you have the option of linking the entire infographic back to your Pinterest account or blog.

Using these simple tactics, you will see a significant increase in the amount of shares and engagement that your content receives. Don’t get left behind on Plus – a few minutes of formatting is all it takes to stay ahead of the game.

Do you find that formatting your posts helps with traffic on your own Plus page? Share or ask questions in the comments below!


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