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Google Penalty

Google Penalty Removal

Google Penalty Recovery is one of our specialties at Gryffin Media.

We have helped dozens of clients recover from Panda, Manual, and Algorithmic Penguin penalties.  Our comprehensive penalty removal process includes:

  1. 1.  Identifying the type of penalty
  2. 2. On-page SEO audits
  3. 3.  Backlink Audits
  4. 4. Link Removal Campaigns
  5. 5. Disavow File Creation
  6. 6.  Reconsideration requests
  7. 7. Link Profile Monitoring

Our process has helped our clients recover to their pre-penalty traffic volumes while giving them a clean slate to grow.

What makes us different? We have developed in-house tools to help us identify footprints the same way Google does.  We look at many detailed metrics, such as competitor link ratios, money vs brand anchor text ratios, network interlinkage, and much more.  This level of analysis, combined with our detailed link removal process, gets you back in Google’s good graces and out of Google jail.

Google Penalty Prevention

Backlink audits have to become as fundamental to SEO as Keyword Research.  If you aren’t carefully monitoring your links, you are shooting blind, and potentially walking right into severe Google penalties that can jeopardize your visibility and revenue.

Weekly link alerts and monthly backlink audits will help monitor your performance to help keep your site safe from penalties while continuously improving your rankings.

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