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27 May 2014
google plus post ads

Google Plus Post Ads

When Google announced Plus advertising was now available to all users with over 1000 followers back in April, we wrote how +Post Ads could be the future of social advertising. It’s true that the value of being able to use social posts as interactive ads is an invaluable resource, considering no other social network has ads available outside its own platform. With +Post ads, Google Plus has been seamlessly integrated into Google Adwords and the GDN, making Plus as a platform more relevant than ever.

Now we’ve created the infographic to show you how to launch your own +Post ad campaign. This guide points out all the benefits of +Post ads, and how you can get started in 3 easy steps.

Do you plan on using +Post ads? What do you think is their most valuable feature? Read on to find out more:



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