Holy Ship 11.0 – Double Occupancy (2 tickets) – $2398 

I will cover transfer fees, you cover any Paypal fees.

My wife and I can’t make the trip, so we’re setting up this post to get it sold before the cutoff.  It’s a private balcony, all the details to the cabin are in the screenshot.

This is a first come offer, and I only accept Paypal for the security of both parities involved.

I’ll send you a PayPal request, once payment is made we can immediately three way call cloud9 to make the changes, just have your passport or ID ready Incase they need it.

Any help to pass this along to someone interested would be appreciated as well, we’re sad to not be able to go again, but our family has made it so we can no longer attend the event.

Text of call me:

Owen Andrew (714) 350-9575


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