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Homeselfe: Press Outreach

Homeselfe: Press Outreach

Traditional PR has long relied on the press release, but journalism has drastically changed in the last decade: today it takes more than a written statement to get results. Infographics are highly informative and highly shareable, making them the perfect companion to a press release.

We partnered with HomeSelfe’s PR team to develop multiple PR initiatives

The press release is dead, right? Not when it’s powered by an awesome infographic to catch a journalist’s’ attention!

We partnered with Homeselfe’s PR team to create a series of infographics to be sent out with every press release sent to the media.

Our infographic press releases X% more media pickup than press releases without infographics!  Realtormag, USnews, and CleanTechnica all loved our infographics so much they ran with our story!

Our approach was twofold; we created landing pages, presentations, flyers, and other assets to directly promote the fundraiser. We also created a campaign: The TeenSafe Parenting Guide to Tech Safety, an in-depth look into the risks teens face online, and how parents can protect them, with an emphasis on communication, strong boundaries, and supervision. We created an infographic for online PR outreach, a video for social sharing, and a PDF for print distribution, all available and directed back at a companion article on the TeenSafe blog. .

  • Date: 2014-2015
  • Client: TeenSafe
    CATEGORY: Digital PR, Content Marketing