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03 Sep 2013

Blog On Google Plus

Did you know you could install a plugin that allows your reader’s comments to integrate with Google Plus?

Say Hello to Comments Evolved!

blog on google plus

With Comments Evolved, people can comment on your blog while signed in to their Google Plus account. These comments then get posted in their Google Plus timeline, with a link back to your blog post, increasing visibility.

Worried about losing your existing comments? Worry no more! Comments Evolved allows you to keep comments from your existing WordPress, Facebook, Disqus, and other commenting systems.

Want to see it in action?

This is a great example for this commenting plugin in action. You can see how each person’s comments appeared in their Google Plus account, and how that, in turns, stimulates conversation and exposes your content to their circles:

Response to Mark Shaeffer’s comments

blog on google plus

Why not test it out for yourself? Leave us a comment and see how this works!

Now you are one step closer to incorporating Google Plus into your daily work flow (More on this to follow).

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