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08 Jan 2013

It’s time to go Social

While further analysing the Penguin update, I noticed that many of the sites that had low quality backlinks but did not get penalized are sites that have a social media presence. Not all of these sites had very active campaigns, but the simple fact of having a presence on social profiles seems to help.

The question, of course, is how to manage a social media campaign while simultaneously running a link building campaign based on quality content?

Google has really upped the ante. Small and medium sized companies don’t often have the time and resources to allocate to such detailed internet marketing campaigns. It requires at least one person fully dedicated to these efforts. And even that would create a very slow process as there are so many different aspects of the campaign to manage.

Imagine having to write FB wall posts, post interesting and relevant tweets, post new and original content on Google Plus, monitor the conversations on all of these channels, monitor news channels to write about timely news and events, write articles for high profile web 2.0 sites, create interesting and valuable content for your blog as well as white papers and PDF’s, create video tutorials and information, create incentive programs for reviews, check-ins, and testimonials, run and promote contests and giveaways, contact and write content for other high profile relevant sites, become an active participant in relevant forums and blogs, etc?

This is the connundrum many of use are encountering. It requires a certain amount of automation combined with old-school content and community building.

Have you been successful establishing similar campaigns on a budget? Share your tips!

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