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30 May 2013

Onpage Seo Checklist

Backlinks. Social signals. AuthorRank.

It’s all you seem to hear about nowadays in the SEO sphere.

While there’s no doubt links and social signals make a huge difference in your search engine traffic, on-page SEO still plays a crucial role in where your site ranks in Google.

Besides the obvious meta tag information, Brian Dean from has produced an on-page SEO infographic that highlights some “lesser known” strategies.

It may not be the “sexy” thing in SEO right now, but you don’t want to ignore advanced on-page SEO techniques.

Although this infographic covers a dozen strategies, here are the 3 that can have the largest impact on your search visibility:

1. Dazzle With Multimedia: Multimedia is great for user experience, and Google knows it. Consider adding at least one screenshot, image or video to your posts to make your content even better.

2. Add Outbound Links: This is a mistake I see a lot of site owners make. An industry study found that pages with outbound links to relevant, authority site (like .edu and .gov domains) tended to rank higher than those without. Yes, you lose some referral traffic from your site. But it’s more than made up for with the influx of new search engine visitors.

3. Use Prominent Social Sharing Buttons: Don’t be shy with your social sharing buttons. Consider putting them at the top and bottom of your content. In fact, this has been proven to result in more social shares by several industry studies.


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