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15 Feb 2013
inbound links

Inbound Links

Most of us are hyper-aware of low quality links appearing in our inbound links profile.  There are now services that help you through the process of cleaning up your inbound link profile:

Rmoov –

Remoov’em –

SEO Gadget Link Clean-Up –

The trust and power of each inbound link and the anchor text used can determine whether you rank for a specific keyword.  Before it was simply a matter of anchor density.

Now, let’s say you have 100 links to your site using the keyword “widgets”.  Your anchor density is high enough for you to rank but not so  high that it would trigger a penalty.  If the power and trust of those links is too low, even though your anchor density and authority are good, you will still not rank for those terms.

By removing unwanted, low quality links you have better control of the power & trust of the terms associated with your anchor text.

If you have the time or a team of people who you can outsource to, you can do this manually.  Otherwise, using one of the services above can help speed up and automate the process.

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