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20 Feb 2013

On-Page Seo Checklist

In the past I had a very detailed list of essential elements when approaching on-page SEO. Getting the keyword in the right places really helped a site improve in the rankings, especially if the site had a strong backlink profile.

After Penguin and the devaluation of anchor text and on-page criteria, my on-page SEO checklist has changed. Here’s what I look for when doing On-page SEO now:

  1. Keywords in:
  •  Meta title
  •  Body of the page
  • H1 or h2 tag ONLY if it makes sense (h1/h2 tags were devalued after Penguin)
  • URL
  1. Page Load: faster is better
  2. SE friendly URL’s
  3. Canonical tags if there’s any kind of content duplication
  4. 301 redirects to content that has been moved.  I still redirect to
  5. XML site map
  6. Social Search Icons
  7. Related Pages
  8. Avoid Orphan pages

By studying hundreds of sites still ranking in the search engines it is apparent to me that the elements above are the ones that matter when optimizing a site.
Am I missing any elements?
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  1. Hi. One possible thing you could add would be links to other authoritative sites. Although they are outbound, they still add credibility to your site

    1. Great point, I will add it Marc, thanks!

  2. On Page optimization or keyword research is really important. in this article i read a word orphan pages. may i know more about it?

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