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21 Jan 2013

Recovering From Penguin

I’m watching as most of the sites that I manage that got hit by penguin are recovering to their pre-update traffic.

What have we done?

1.  Took down links that were extremely irrelevant.  We didn’t go crazy taking down all of our links.  We simply picked out a few of the worst and removed them.

2.  Changed anchor density.  If the anchor density was too high, particularly for a money term, we switched it around and eve linked words like “Click here” and “Company Name” and “Brand”.

3.  We reviewed our anchor text and backlink sources and make sure everything looked as real and natural as possible.  We tweaked our densities so that, for a example, a percentage of our links came from blogs, another from forums, another from general sites, another from directories, etc.  DIVERSITY is key – it looks natural.

4.  Built high quality links.  Guest blogging is working wonders, allowing us to get a nice amount of high quality categorical contextual links.

5.  Built links from a variety of sources.  We are also using web 2.0 sites and blogs to add content.  All of the content is set up in tiers, so each tier supports another level of sites by linking to them.  This way, all of the sites at all the different levels and capacities are receiving inbound links.

This combination is changing how Google sees our sites and we are being rewarded as the sites regain much of the lost traffic.

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