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15 Jan 2013

SEO After Penguin

Let’s face it. In modern society, we are all busier than ever before. Ever since the internet, smart phones, and other advancements in technology, most of us are always on the go, with many tasks to accomplish within limited time periods. So most of us have always looked for ways of maximizing our time when promoting websites. Buying links, submitting to directories, automating some of the link research tasks, paying for content, these are a few of the things website owners would do to promote their sites.

In the post-penguin world, it’s become a lot harder to automate and use shortcuts to promote their business. Quality is now required. Quality of backlinks, quality of content, quality of user experience. In order to produce quality, the demand on resources is much higher, higher than many businesses can afford.

Here are a few of the ways to promote a business in the post-penguin SEO world:

1. Guest Blogs.

Everyone now requires high quality content. We don’t have time to write it. Why not invite people to write for you? Site owners need to build up their author-rank / profile, and to promote their site. Site owners also need content. Accepting guest blogs will help you get quality content to your site, without paying for it or doing the work required to build the content.

2. Infographics.

Infographics are a very popular way to communicate a large amount of information in a way that is interesting and attractive. People love displaying these on their site. Creating and distributing an infographic can create a lot of publicity and buzz!

3. Contests/Giveaways

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to win something cool and free? I sure don’t! People love contests and giveaways. They have the power to be incredibly viral. People will often share to their social circles, thus increasing the popularity of the giveaway. For a small prize you have the potential of gaining a lot of eyeballs to your site.

4. Social Media Campaigns

Most businesses already have social profiles, but smaller players may not have had the time or resources to create active profiles. It is now very important to do so. It will create active channels and user engagement. You can promote your other content, such as contests and infographics, through social media channels. They can also spark conversations and promote brand awareness and protection.

5. Quality Resources

If you’ve always meant to get to creating something cool for your site, now’s the time. Sites should have something that differentiates them from competitors. Whether it be an amazing product rating system that other sites in your niche don’t have, or a product comparison tool, or a white paper with amazing information, or how-to videos or tutorials – creating something sticky that keeps people on your site longer and gets them to come back can now make a difference in your rankins.

Of course the question is how to allocate enough time/energy/resources to performing all of these time-intensive tasks. There are ways! We will keep sharing more about each of these ideas and ways of systematizing your processes and increasing productivity.

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