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Why Target Amazon

Did you know that your customers are searching for products on Amazon three times more than Google? In fact, 54 percent of people turn to Amazon search first to make a product purchase.

Reduce Amazon Ad Spend

Keep your Amazon sponsor ad budget to a minimum. OPtimizing keywords for Amazon Search is an effective way to reduce pay-per-click (PPC) cost.

Improve Keyword Rankings

Your Amazon revenue will go off the charts once you get into the first page of Amazon for your target keywords. Our service will get you into the top 10, and keep you there!

Increase Sales

First position Amazon search rankings boost visibility and sales. With top ranking products you can expect to see 30 to 40% increased sales!

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  • Huffington Post
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Identify top Keywords

We add ranking value to your products by unpacking search terms to identify top keywords, serving as the foundation to your product content.

Optimize your listings

Your product content is the core of your organic ranking power, and it also serves as and influencing factor for conversion rates as well. We utilize your most valueable product search terms and craft copy for each individual ASIN for position one results.

Track Your Rankings

We track your rankings daily to make sure you STAY on top. Our proprietary technology uses custom techniques to make sure you hold your stop positions, adjusting when your rankings slip and optimizing continuously to hold your rankings.

Our Full Suite Of Optimization Services Include...

Keyword enhancement via Amazon Retail Analytics, Google

Keyword Finder, Merchant Words and Sponsored Product

Keyword Reports

Organic rank analytics and tracking

Renovation of product catalog structure to enhance discoverablility

Analysis/recommendations for product title and content

Creative collaboration to ensure product copy is aligned with your brand message

Target audience analysis

A network of vetted content specialists

Client dedicated Project Manager to identify key optimization opportunities.

Your Amazon
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Experts

Every successful Amazon product listing delicately balances organic keyword rich content with PPC ads maximized for sales. We have the resources, knowledge and technology to diligently manage your Amazon product listings for optimized profitability.

Our PPC Services Include...

Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns for every product listing in your catalog

Automated keyword harvesting from Sponsored

Products campaigns

Position one bid management analytics to scale

Amazon ad bidding

Gold Box/lightening deals and Amazon Marketing

Services (AMS) campaign testing

Detailed Amazon ad reports on all product listings

Iidentifying and optimizing off platform traffic and visibility opportunities.

Customized Seller
Feedback Management

Not only does influencer outreach shape your online reputation, it also generates links and mentions, creating a natural and diverse footprint that search engines use to determine their rankings. We monitor your footprints to make sure your rankings are increasing safely.

Boost Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation is important to us. Did you know that 0 percent of Amazon buyers fail to leave feedback post purchase? Our full suite services include feedback management to enhance your seller reputation.

Amazon Buy Box

Established brands with position one product listings know the value of the coveted Amazon Buy Box. Our customized seller feedback management maximizes your seller reputation. We stay afoot of negative feeback, ensuring you are on top of neutral and negative reviews.

Customized Management

We customize your feedback management to ensure you get the seller reputation you deserve. Our email outreach to your customers emphasizes your branding and message to get the highest ratings. Based on feedback status, product SKU, and other fields, you can also decide who will receive feedback solicitations.

Experienced Product
Image Pros

An image is certainly worth a thousand words, but worth a million sales in the eCommerce industry. Having a clear, optimized and attractive image is essential to your Amazon sales. In fact, most people will view the images of a product first to make a purchase decision.

Position one on Amazon Search Rankings hinges on how your product is displayed. Our expert photo editors are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our full suite of services includes cost-effective image enhancement using the latest software.