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04 Mar 2014

Social Media Audit Questions

Social media can be used to achieve various objectives: Building brand awareness, becoming influential and authoritative, building customer relationships, increasing leads, and much more.

social media audit questions

 To engage in social media effectively, it’s fundamental to conduct a comprehensive content & social media audit to help define and guide your strategy.

The purpose of this audit is to answer the following questions:

  • Where are digital conversations happening that are influencing your target buyers?

  • Who are the people who drive the digital conversations?

  • What are the conversations about, and how are they influencing target buyers?

  • How does your company match up to influencers in your space?

  • What types of content should your company share to improve their bottom line?

Part 1.  Competitive Analysis

Let’s start by looking at the online competitive space.  A social media campaign should be driven both by opportunities, gaps, inspiration from competitors, as well as audience needs.  A fundamental part of this information is competitive research.

  • Who are your Main Competitors?

  • What Social Media Platforms are they on?

For each of your competitors, go through and answer the questions below.

Overall Social Strategy

In this part, you’ll take a brief look and summarize your findings as you take stock of who your competitors are and what they’re doing on social media.

  • Is the branding consistent?

  • Are they sniping (following a very deliberate, targeted strategy) or spraying and praying (haphazard social sharing, no clear strategy)?

  • What percentage of the content is curated vs created?

  • What percentage of the content is topical vs generic / popular?

  • How often do they “Sell” on social?

  • Do they run contests regularly?

  • How do they acquire new followers?

  • How much of the content is a news flash vs engagement and interaction?

Integration Audit

Next we want to look at how they’re connecting their website with their social profiles.

  • Are the website and social profiles integrated?

  • Are social profiles integrated with each other?

Content Audit

This is a general audit based on the content found on their blog and across their social profiles.

  • What types of content do they share?

  • How effective & engaging  is their content?

  • How well does it fit the needs, passions and pains of their target buyers?

  • What feedback do they get from followers concerning updates

Blog evaluation:

  • Do they have a blog?
  • How often do they blog?
  • What kind of content do they share?
  • What kind of posts get the most likes, shares and comments?
  • Do they use Multi-media?
  • Are posts shared on social media?
  • What are some prominent content pieces?
  • Do they have an editorial calendar?

An In-Depth Look by Platform 

Profile Elements

  • How does their look impact overall marketing effectiveness?
  • What does their image say about their brand?
  • Can page visitors quickly determine brand personality?
  • Is the profile comprehensive and complete?   Does itimention all of their services, unique value propositions, and other important information?

Content Strategy

  • Frequency: How often do they post?

  • Types:

    • What type of content do they post?

      • Questions? Videos? Text? Memes?

    • Any frequently discussed topics?

    • Do they use hashtags? If so, how?

  • Patterns: What patterns have you seen emerge from their content style?

  • Interests: What do they include in their 4 visible tabs?

  • Hashtags: Are hashtags being used appropriately?

  • Tracking: are tracking URL’s being used?


  • Reach/Popularity

    • Followers/Fans/Subscribers

    • Following

    • Klout


  • Are mentions positive or negative?

  • How many comments / post?

  • Are there replies to questions / polls?

  • What posts have the most “Likes”, shares and comments?


  • Facebook:

    • What tabs are visibly displayed?

    • What apps/widgets do they use?

  • Twitter:

    • Do they retweet and favorite other accounts?

  • Pinterest:

    • How many Boards?

    • Are boards niche-specific or general?

  • Google Plus:

    • Do they regularly use hangouts and events?

  • Others:

    • Instagram

    • Tumblr

    • Slideshare

Once you’ve completed the audit for your top 5 competitors, go through and answer the questionnaire for your own site and social presence.

Part 2:  Opportunity and Gap Analysis

Now that you’ve surveyed the social space, perform an analysis based on your findings.

Campaign Structure & Approach

  • Summary of what has worked in social media for competitors

  • What are potential gaps & social media opportunities?

  • What campaigns, content, and promotions have worked for competitors?

  • How can you use existing networks, content, and websites to improve shareability?

Using data from your social media audit, you are now  ready to create your social media marketing strategy!

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