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24 Jan 2013

Interesting Blog Topics

You can’t escape the content creation monster any more.  Link building has evolved beyond merely getting a text link on another site.  Now that text link has to be supported by high quality contextual content.  Consequently, to build links you have to write content.  But how many times can you write about the same 5 topics?  Most of us know what we know and we want to talk about what we know, so it’s easy to get stale when coming up with blog topic ideas.
Below are some methods to breathe fresh air into your creative mind and start writing about different topics:

How to come up with Topic Ideas

  • & If you need inspiration and want to find ideas to tweet about, these two sites are FULL of popular articles and topics to inspire you.
  • Search twitter conversations by topic. Enter a keyword and find people talking about that topic, and what they are saying. Good way to find people to follow, as well as to engage in conversations.
  • Search for trending topics from various social media sources all at once
  • -search for posts – type in a keyword and read titles for articles related to that word
  • – get stories emailed to your or search for relevant stories
  • Search Technorati for top blogs related to your keywords.  Do a google site: search using your keywords.  Lots of articles will pop up that are from the top site that you searched within.
  • Search Google News for news on your target keywords.  You can also set Google alerts to be emailed to you so you can get ideas right in your inbox.
  • Drill down on a topic using‘s search feature.
  • Find the top 20 blogs in your niche and create a google reader list. Scan them for titles.
  • Create a Google Plus account and search by keyword
  • Create mindmpas with ideas, so each blog topic idea leads to other topics
  • Use quora to search for your keywords.  Then start following relevant groups.  Then browse through those for ideas.

A couple of sites that you can read to gain further ideas:

101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle

Now that you have topics, how do you write attractive titles that catch people’s attention?

Writing Irresistible Titles

Let’s say you’re going to write about how to build links to your website.  What would gain more attention?

How to Build Links to your Website


How to Multiply your Backlinks in just 1 hour a Day

How you convey the topic will make a big difference to the amount of people that read your post.  As content marketing flourishes, people are inundated with information.  To even have a chance to gain readers, your titles HAVE to stand out!

Everything that I wanted to say on this topic has already been said so I’ll link to a great source:

Connect to Authority Relevant Sites

When you are writing an article, search for relevant sites that are authoritative and link to them.  By including these links you are giving people leads to further information and establishing connections in the web graph.  Additionally, it makes it clear that you are not trying to hoard PR by only linking to your own site.
Link to your other Channels and Articles

As part of link building you can create 20 or so different channels and profiles, including wikis, blogs, etc.  They will all languish if all you do is add a few articles and leave them to rot.  In order to get those articles to help your site rank better, link to them as part of the content production process.  Create a spreadsheet with links to all of your channels.  Then, as you write content, go down the list and link to  or 2 of these channels on every article.  Keep track so you know what sites have received links so you can alternate effectively and feed links in to all of them.  Every time you write an article, incorporate links to other profiles and articles that you’ve written.

Following these tips should help you to create interesting titles based on trending topics, using captivating titles, while establishing your authority in the web graph and supporting other content and channels owned by your company.

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