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Tag: Content Marketing

01 Dec 2014

Streaming Loud and Clear: How to Boost Your Youtube Rankings

When comparing the various mediums of online consumption, Youtube videos take very large piece of the pie. Over 3 billion videos are watched every day, and make up a third of all online activity. It therefore comes as no surprise that Youtube is considered the #2 search engine in the world. This makes it an […]

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26 Nov 2014

The Marketer’s Relationship With Facebook: It’s Not Complicated

Introduction Why Advertising on Facebook is the Right Choice Goals and KPI’s: What Should They Be? What Types of Ads Should I Use? Getting to Know Your Audience Specific Interest Targeting Using INterest Targeting to Segment Your Reach Hidden Interests Mashing Up Your Targeting Options Creating Your Ads – Grab, Intrigue, and Convince The Anatomy […]

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19 Nov 2014
Titles for Blog Posts

This Secret will Earn you 10X more Blog Traffic.

Which would you read? Zach Wahls Speaks About Family Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got Guess which performed better? The first title got 1 million views on Upworthy, while the 2nd one had 17 million views.  From being fantastical, to generating curiosity, to creating a human connection with your human […]

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15 Aug 2014

Google Office Hours 7-15-14

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on July 15th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability.

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26 Feb 2014

Joining the Influencers: LinkedIn Opens Blogging Platform to More Users

For a few years now, LinkedIn has been the primary social network where business professionals can connect with one another and share interesting industry news and updates. Without a doubt, it’s the ideal place to connect with and expand a business’s network, both of which can contribute to a business’s growth. But like all social […]

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