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29 Dec 2014
Self-Driving Car

The Revolutionary Self-Driving Car

  The Commute The daily trip to the office is difficult for many reasons – be it the fatigue, or the early morning strain of holding your cup of coffee while finding your keys to lock the house. But something most people can agree upon is that the absolute worst part of getting to work […]

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01 Dec 2014

Streaming Loud and Clear: How to Boost Your Youtube Rankings

When comparing the various mediums of online consumption, Youtube videos take very large piece of the pie. Over 3 billion videos are watched every day, and make up a third of all online activity. It therefore comes as no surprise that Youtube is considered the #2 search engine in the world. This makes it an […]

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10 Sep 2014
pinterest tips for business

Pinterest Tips For Business

Pinterest marketing is a game of honor. A game of endurance. A game of fabulous hair.   While the Colosseum was home to men and slaves, Pinterest is dominated by upper class women looking for creative ideas and tools to take help, add style and, uniqueness in life and lifestyle. Like, what hair cuts are in trending, best […]

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22 Aug 2014

Google Office Hours

The following is a complete transcript of a Hangout on Air on August 15th with Google’s John Mueller.  It has been edited for readability.

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19 Aug 2014
google penalty removal

Regain your Rankings with our Blueprint for Google Penalty Removals

Getting a Google manual penalty removed can seem as impossible as travelling to Pluto; at the very least, it’s an incredibly complex, difficult process that only few know how to approach. Many claim to be experts in penalty removals… but do they have proof to back this up? At Gryffin Media, we do:

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18 Jul 2014

Multiscreen World

The convenience that modern technology affords its users cannot be questioned. Laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones can turn even the leisurely extremes of a Netflix binge-watching session into a relatively efficient affair. But as companies continue to evolve their products to work more efficaciously with these technological wonders, and vice versa, the ability for users […]

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