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18 Jul 2014

Multiscreen World

The convenience that modern technology affords its users cannot be questioned. Laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones can turn even the leisurely extremes of a Netflix binge-watching session into a relatively efficient affair. But as companies continue to evolve their products to work more efficaciously with these technological wonders, and vice versa, the ability for users to consume content across multiple mediums continues its upward climb in popularity.

No longer do viewers simply watch television anymore. Instead, an hour-long network drama is enjoyed across the Internet, via social media and forums, at whatever time may be the most convenient to the individual viewer. It becomes an interactive event, where viewers are as much part of the experience as the characters in whatever show they may be watching are.

As the trend of multiscreen usage continues to grow in popularity, so too does the demand for devices capable of effectively interacting together, creating a new marketing medium ripe for the picking. This infographic provides valuable insight into the global trend in multiscreen usage, and shows that it is much more than a flash in the pan.

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