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16 Dec 2014

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

We all take in information in different ways.  Some of us can read instructions or have a process explained and understand perfectly.  Others need some kind of visual display.  For most people in the digital age, visual recognition is the primary mode of receiving information.  Naturally, your customer service platform should follow suit.

The Times Are A’Changin

In increasing numbers, young adults and teens are migrating away from the classic social networks like Facebook and Twitter to invest more time in their Instagram and Pinterest accounts.


Perhaps they’re just responding to an influx in social media use by their parent’s generation.   Or the simplest explanation could also be the best.  As digital natives, generation Y and below are more enticed by visual media than text-driven content.

These days, Instagram and Youtube have also become the younger generations’ main source for current event and breaking news.

So, that leads us to the big question on everyone’s minds.

How Do Businesses Leverage Visual Media?

Social marketing on sites likes Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are already old news.  It’s great for engagement, share information faster, and hold audience attention longer.  Content for these sites also makes for a great social share, commercially motivated or not.

But getting past the obvious advertorial incentives, visual content offers a great opportunity for modernized customer service.  Don’t waste another moment tying up  your customer on a toll-free line, forcing them to squander aimlessly through automated loops until they finally reach an operator, who spends more time reciting scripted promotions than actually fixing the problem.

Old modes of customer service are all but dead, and social media platforms are picking up the torch.  So, how do you apply this trend to a site like Instagram?

Visual Customer Service of Tomorrow

Rather than having to explain a problem with a product via words or text, wouldn’t it be nice to just take a picture of the problem and share it directly with an IT specialist?  Odds are, you don’t completely understand what’s wrong to begin with.  That’s why you’re contacting tech support.

Not only is this a more efficient and productive method of describing the problem, it gives the support specialist the same facility for providing instructions.  Companies can post troubleshooting videos on youtube and quick how-tos on Vine.

Throughout 2014, Youtube, Instagram and Vine all saw a surge in customer service potential, but don’t just take our word for it.   The infographic below offers hard data and statistics to show just how popular visual customer service has become.

So without any further delay, Gryffin Media proudly presents: “Visual Customer Service in the Social Age”.

Visual Customer Service

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