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24 Apr 2014

Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

“What filter should I choose?” The battle cry of our generation. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times, over the past year, I’ve heard this question. If I had a nickel for every time… Well, I’d rather not think about that because it makes my wallet ache. And the strange part of that question? It’s a difficult question to answer! There’s a sea of options and it all depends on what you’re looking for. You can transform your picture to look flawless, with bright shining eyes or glowing with sun-kissed skin! So the real question you want to ask yourself is, “do I want to look like a picture-perfect porcelain doll, an Egyptian queen, or somewhere in between?”

Let’s face it, Instagram’s infamous ‘19’ filter options just don’t cut it anymore. And we all know no one uses the ‘Kelvin’ filter. Seriously, why do they even have that one as an option?  In order to achieve the perfect image, you’ll need the right editing app with all the right features. Here are the top 10 photo editing apps every photographer in the making needs!

10. PicGram

best instagram photo editing apps

Picgram is a cool editing tool because not only does it give a handful of interesting filters to apply to your image, you can also change the opacity level of the image within each frame. Which is a pretty nifty effect. My one beef with this app is that a seizable chunk of the cool frames are locked, meaning you have to purchase the pro version, in order to unlock them. Beside that, it still offers unique frames and filters that puts this app at number 10 on our list!

9. DXP

best instagram photo editing apps

Want to create superb effects that will blow all your friends away? DXP is the app for you. There is a ‘DXP FREE’ version and the ‘DXP’ regular. The app is a multi-exposure camera in which you can create images that almost seem supernatural and completely out of the ordinary. There are 18 different compositing operations to choose from and a rotation, mirror and B&W effect available. Free or not, this app is bound to give some interesting results!

8. Slow Shutter Cam

best instagram photo editing apps

How cool is this? Now you can become a professional photographer with a complete understanding of shutter speeds, simply with the help of this impressive app. Slow Shutter Cam gives you control over time as you have the option to speed time as well as freeze it. Complete with motion blur, ability to pause/resume capture, and create exposure compensation– you can really let your creativity loose. Oh, and there’s a handy self-timer.

7. Bokehful

best instagram photo editing appsBokehful creates that whimsical dreamlike effect to your images. And to add to the fun, you can choose different shapes of light to appear–from circles to hearts to stars–transform your average picture into a magical one! Along with the light effects, you’re free to choose the direction in which you want the lights to form, color and gradient.

6. PicStitch

best instagram photo editing apps

PicStitch is probably the most commonly known editing tool, with a plethora of layout options, it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, you do have to pay to unlock a majority of more interesting layouts. Probably the coolest feature this app has to offer is the 15 different photo aspect ratios (1×1, 4×6, 5×7, so on and so forth). It also offers some beautiful fx filters.

5. FrameArtist

best instagram photo editing apps

With the number of cells you wish for one image to be placed, FrameArtist lets you create your OWN frame, a feature I have yet to see on any FREE editing app. From there you have the option to upload images from a variety of sources; camera roll, social media platforms and even an image from the web. That alone brings this awesome app into our top 5. Our reason for it not being higher on the list? It’s available as a free version for a limited time only, then you have to pay $1.99, which actually may be very well worth it.

4. InstaCollage

best instagram photo editing apps

This app is perfect for those who are looking to juxtapose a few of their favorite images into one image to share. With different frames, you can layout each image to your exact liking. Even though you can’t really tell from the screenshot above, there are four more pages of framing options available. InstaCollage also offers filter options, stickers, text to layer upon the original picture and is able to share the image to any social media platform of your choosing! And the best part? It’s FREE. For those of you admiring the second image above, yes, that is a screenshot of my cat, Louie.

3. LensFlare

best instagram photo editing apps

LensFlare is a great editing tool because of the remarkable effect you can create using it. Make each image spectacular and seem like a still straight out of film. This app offers more than 50 different lighting effects to choose from. Some of these effects include: sun rays, sci-fi effects, Old Hollywood glamour anamorphic flares, and more! This is the must-have app for any photographer.

2. Framatic

best instagram photo editing apps

Framatic is our number-two editing app for Instagram. Not only is it FREE but it has fun exclusive features. You can create a random generated framed image with the ‘Magic Shaking’ tool, select from 92 amazing effects and an unlimited amount of color choices for backgrounds– all that the tip of your finger. And with the PRO version of this app, you can watermark your creations to secure and protect your image with ease.

1. AfterLight

best instagram photo editing apps

AfterLight is our number-one when it comes to editing images for instagram. Take a look at those screenshots above– they’re stunning! With 15 unique adjustment tools, you’ll be able to enhance your image to perfection. The app also offers 66 textures, including a range of real and natural light they created with a 35mm film! As any photographer knows, your picture is only as good as your lighting. If you have to send money on a perfect editing app, I’d put my money down on this gem.

There you have it! Gryffin Media’s top 10 editing apps. Now that I think about it, with all these options at your hands, you’ll be able to create so many gorgeous pictures, it’ll be much for difficult to decide which is your favorite. But at least you know your options!

Comment below telling us your top go-to editing app!


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